Human Ingenuity


We can’t deny the polarities of the world, the bad that comes with the good. Like it or not, it’s a cycle that will continue long after we’re gone. So as far as I can tell, that leaves us with one humane option; which is to look at those things which are not inclusive, those things which are doing harm, and to use our amazing human ingenuity to solve those problems. I believe that the divide we experience between good and bad is the direct result of our denial, as humans, of being capable of doing harm. This denial is the chasm that separates us; whereas acceptance would provide us with the capacity to rise up, together, and create solutions. But so long as the initiatives, that are created to bond us together, are being torn down by our own people: it’s easy to see how we begin to lose grip of our togetherness.

A disenfranchised state is one that is easier to control and manipulate, than a united one…. It’s true that governments create and subsequently control policy; supposedly the result of a united country…. I think it’s finally safe to say that is not true. I may not be able to influence policy as one, but I have the choice to influence the way I respond to the state of the world, and amidst this chaos, I chose to stay focused on what has always mattered, what STILL matters!


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