I Am A Woman

I Am A Woman

I am also a parent, wife, entrepreneur, friend, daughter, sister, client, service provider, philosopher, experimenter, independent, tax payer, patriot, American, contractor, straight-shooter, idealist, type A, honest, romantic, realist, customer, relative, creative, citizen, a person…

I also love music, dancing, writing, hiking, reading books, listening to podcasts, talking with my husband, being with my family, playing with my kids, playing with my dog, being good and what I do for a living, expanding my mind, putting together fun and creative ensembles, passionate about human performance and cognitive development, building a life I’m proud of, looking forward to creating a better future, obsessed with creating a different business model, I take my needs and wants into consideration…

This is the only conversation I’m willing to have.  I will not let the conversation stop at the singular fact that I am just a woman, I am so much more than just that, and I am just as capable of creating change as the next PERSON.

When I sit down to design a life I want to live, I focus on the aspects I can affect, the aspects I have the capacity to improve, and the fact that I’m woman has never once been a hurdle or issue with regards to this decision-making… never once.

We’re told that we become what we think, so how do we change the conversation?  How do we get people to understand that in order to move beyond these prejudices, we have to move beyond that conversation?  We have to start a new conversation…

How about ideas?  What if we talked in ideas?  How would that change the conversation?  That’s part of the problem isn’t it, we’re a country where no one can agree with each other.  A country divided between personal rights and religion, global warming or no global warming, republican or democrat…

I may not be able to get you to agree with me, but I can at the very least build my life to be an example of my beliefs, and they may or may not persuade you to agree with me, or perhaps even loath me.  Only time will tell.

We’re taught in school to create conclusions… yet we live in a world of flux and uncertainty.  What does that conversation look like?  Why aren’t we taught that in school?

I don’t expect the world to change for me, I will change myself.  I will become an example of the personal power we hold as individuals, regardless of our gender, generations or economic status.

I am human, and as a human I have access to all that living has to offer, good, bad or indifferent… that is my right as a human.

I’m creative, where others see boundaries, I see an opportunity.

I value the life I’ve been given to inflict some sort of positive influence, big and small.  Feet on the ground; I will raise my kids to look at people as people, as equal in the arena of being a human, and equal in the capacity to overcome any obstacle.  Head in the clouds; I work towards changing industry, towards shifting the way we look at commerce and the cookie cutter templates we currently work under.  I work towards getting people to find their inner strength and to see that inner strength as equal in each other, this strength a source power without a title, a source of creation, as the common ground from which all conversations begin in equality… a source of energy and is only interested in ideas, improvement, honesty and truth.

“Content of character”, content of ideas, content of the capacity to actually create change.  Change is not a right, it’s the result of serious conscious effort.  Change is not just a large-scale problem, in fact America’s history started with a few people with the idea of change, with the dream of a country of PEOPLE who would push the boundaries.  Somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten that.  The control is still in the hands of the many, but we’re divided.

So, I stand, as a woman, a human, an American citizen, and I choose to work on me.  I choose to believe that I have the capacity to create change, I choose to live that life, I choose to apply my efforts toward continuing the American dream.  I choose to eat healthy, regardless of fast food’s marketing efforts, I choose to listen to the fact that my body doesn’t like wheat, coffee or sugar, in spite of the current food pyramid, or America’s coffee obsession.  I choose to listen to my needs, in spite of being told by society to be a certain way.  I choose to take what seems to be the hard road to find truth, to find my voice, to reveal my purpose.  I choose to believe that I will be okay, I choose to believe that the world is working towards harmony, but that sometimes chaos is a part of that process.  I choose life, the life I’ve been given.  I choose to think outside of the box, instead of playing the same game as everyone else.  I choose to create industry in order to explore new and improved ways to positively influence the world.

I have the freedom to choose the type of life I want to live because of the country I live in, the power has and will always be in our own hands… I choose to accept this life and all of its challenges, I choose to live!

I choose to be more than just a woman.


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