Chains That Bind

Chains That Bind

Today I just can’t seem to quiet my mind, between the recent election and some other personal things, the noise running through my mind is loud, fast and not going anywhere.  When this happens I always turn to writing, if I can’t turn the noise down then I must get it out!  So I went to my personal folder, opened up my “writings” and came across a piece I wrote almost exactly a year ago today (11/13/15).  I can relate to this piece now more than ever.  It’s ending seems incomplete, but really I like that, it engages the reader to finish it, to think about it themselves and come up with their own answer.  I hope you do…

Chains that bind or channels that express?  We rebel against society, trying to break free from the culture that is laid under our feet the moment we are born.  Unable to escape we humbly retreat inward looking for salvation, and begin the revolution all over again in another attempt to jar loose from the psychology of our minds.  With new hope we eagerly get to work illuminating the deep dark contours of our psyche with the same wish as the last, is it possible to break free?  Can I set myself free?  Am I free?

Eventually over time we come to the realization that freedom may very well be an illusion.  As our culture, society and the experiences we’ve had in life are the very fabric that make up who we are.  After all, the culture we’re born into is as connected to us as the genes we’re passed down.  Although the journey to find autonomy may be an illusion, it’s one a lot of us experience, a common thread, one that leads us to discover something greater than just freedom.

The gift of society is finding ourselves, when we go through the trials and tribulations of modern culture, and subsequently get tossed around enough, we begin to discover aspects of ourselves that have been ever-present.  The constant needs or dislikes we carry with us day after day… We begin to discover the unique expression of our genes engaged in an eloquent dance with culture.  However, our unique expressions are not always clear, as one of the biggest challenges we face in modern culture is whether we like what we like because we like it, or whether we like it because we’re told to.  The only way to discover the different between preference and suggestion is to start asking why you like what you like and is it serving you?  Does it really fulfill your needs and wants?

Using the experience I’ve had asking myself the very question I pose here, why do I like what I like and is it serving me?  I’ve begun to discover one very important component, home.  How do you feel when you are there?  How connected are you to your family, your spouse, your kids?  Aren’t these people the very reason you do anything at all?  If so, what kind of connection do you have with your family and with your home, other than passing by each other on the way to another task, another responsibility, another item on your calendar.  The people in my home are the ones I will love the most my entire life, the ones I care more about above myself.  My home is where I recharge, where I connect with my family and be myself.  So if you looked at your “home” as the meter that quantified your actions and desires, and concluded whether you’re succeeding or failing, could you say to yourself that the “things” you’re chasing and trying to sustain are serving you?

Home is where it all begins…

Home is the stone that creates the ripple…

Home is where the heart is…

Home is what you make it.



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