Workplace Archetypes

Workplace Archetypes

I’ve been sitting on this gem for a while… I did this one day as a sort of therapeutic exercise.  It still makes me laugh every time I ready it.  Enjoy!  Disclaimer:  If you’re not laughing, well…

Workplace Archetypes

  1. The Anchor
    1. Thinks holding paperwork hostage is an effective strategy for negotiation
    2. Waits to get their paperwork done until a week before closing
    3. Nitpicks details within the contracts to stall for time
    4. Says that something didn’t get done/ordered because you never provided them with needed information; yet they never mention it prior to you asking for an update – They’re always using other people as their reminding system
  2. The Alarmist
    1. Anytime a change occurs, or a step in the process has been met, it MUST get done IMMEDIATELY!! Go go go, now now now
    2. Often sends you a form that they have to reiterate ten times because they’re going too fast
    3. Sends 20 emails a day; most of which repeat the same information
  3. The Aloof
    1. Sends you paperwork you already have
    2. Say’s they sent you something; but they never did
    3. Forgets to send you copies of the paperwork
    4. Doesn’t sign their own paperwork
    5. Often sends you paperwork that isn’t fully executed
    6. Sends you something you don’t need; trying to satisfy an outstanding item
    7. Is constantly asking for paperwork you’ve already sent them
    8. Can never find your email
  4. The Apparition
    1. Someone you see only pop up intermittently during the transaction
    2. They disappear thinking that everything will get done in their absence
  5. The Active
    1. Has a system in place that allows for consistent and effective follow up
    2. Manages their own file and paperwork without relying on others
    3. Keeps track of the transaction timeline and responds accordingly
    4. Sends out correspondence and doesn’t expect an email back immediately (it’s email people, not a phone conversation!)

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